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a quieter rioter: take a gander at this email a "marginalized" straight Smithie sent out....


"Hello, this is [name is removed because you all think it’s important to protect the oppressor and not the victims of a microaggression] and I am sending this message to girls I think might be interested in this idea and I would also love to hear your opinion on this. so I have this crazy idea…

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hjahahahaha jokes. black people LOVE chicken lol haha mexicans swimming rivers lmfao hahahahaha ASIANS ARE SO SMART     haha what. wait a second. di dyou just. di dyou just make fun of white people. ……..dude……….. reverse racism is a serious issue. it’s not funny.

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Bisexuals find themselves erased in history. Many famous people―such as Marlene Dietrich, June Jordan, Freddie Mercury, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Walt Whitman―have been labeled as lesbian or gay for their same-sex relationships, yet their long-term relationships with different-sex partners are ignored or their importance minimized. This disrespects the truth of their lives for the sake of a binary conception of sexual orientation. It also makes it more difficult for bisexuals just coming out to find role models. (via strippingwizardsonabartop)

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Freddie Mercury? Really?

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exactly what i was thinking!!

Yes, Freddie Mercury had relationships with both women and men and described himself as bisexual. He tended to have more relationships with men as he got older but he never called himself anything but bi.

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I was amazed to know that Freddie Mercury was bi and thought it said it all about bisexual erasure. Then I told three friends how surprised I was and got two “oh, didn’t you know”s and one “yeah, doesn’t surprise me”. And these are not friends who are super involved in queer politics either, in fact two of them are strongly IDd as straight and would start shuffling nervously if I brought up queer politics. So now I’m very confused.

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I’ve run across so many people who’ve been outright shocked to learn that Freddie Mercury was a) not actually gay and b) not actually white.  So depressing. :S

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